It’s Officially Great Here… Again! One of Campaign’s Best Places to work

Posted by: Tamaris Roberts - 30.06.21

For the third year running, Born + Raised (the agency that merged with Cry Havoc to form Ride Shotgun) was named as one of Campaign’s Best Places to work. And for the second year running retained a spot in the top 25! 

After the most challenging of years, we’re incredibly proud of this achievement. Our staff are our most important asset and it’s been more important than ever to communicate well, share great work and involve our staff in our company culture and vision. 

As part of our staff perks, ordinarily offer weekly fruit, monthly fish and chip lunches, Friday beers, free car parking, nights out and wellbeing workshops to name but a few, all in our enviable office environment. While Covid meant a change to the benefits our staff can usually enjoy, it did make us think more creatively and challenge the norms.

best places to work

What’s changed to keep the ‘best places to work’ title?

Staying healthy at home

We helped the team stay healthy while working from home by providing all the extra equipment they needed to do their jobs. 

Getting flexible

Working from home (and now hybrid working) means allowing for other commitments like kids, pets and deliveries. We trust our team to get the job done and we allow them the freedom to fit work around their lives when needed to achieve a good work-life balance.

Staying connected 

We’ve made it a priority to keep everyone talking about more than just work, we’ve been checking in on each other and offering support where and when it’s been needed. 

Keeping the fun going

While we’ve not been in the office we’ve kept the team spirit alive with online parties, quizzes and interactive events like pizza making, cocktail masterclasses and hand-delivered Christmas goodies that the whole family got stuck into

Putting wellbeing first

To keep everyone moving we’ve had a pedometer and mileometer challenge, encouraging staff to spend time outside moving their bodies. We shared lots of online resources for mental health support and we gave everyone £50 towards their utility bills over the winter so they could keep the heating on.

Opening back up safely 

We’ve now opened our office doors back up for team members who want to come and work safely following all the Covid guidelines.

best places to work

Walking the walk 

As well as once again being named as one of the best 25 agencies to work for, throughout our recent recruitment campaigns, many of our candidates commented on how the culture displayed in our communications, website and social media platforms shines through.  

Andy Weir, Chief Client Officer says:

2020 proved to be a complete roller-coaster of emotions, personally and in business. The one thing that has remained consistent is the commitment, diligence, and spirit of our amazing team. Ensuring that we have come through our most challenging year in great shape, as one, ready to take on the world. The Best Places accolade is testament to that and is thoroughly deserved by everyone. 

Following the biggest challenge the company has ever faced, we’ve come out thriving and are growing once more. Thank you to all those who have supported us, to all our one-of-a-kind staff who have been absolute stars for all their hard work and perseverance – our agency wouldn’t be what it is without you!