Content? Tailor it. Scale it. FUSE it.

Posted by: Richard Marriott - 09.05.22

Modular Content

FUSE – The Modular Content Asset Automation Tool

At Ride Shotgun, we know how hard it is to create platform-perfect personalised content for every territory and demographic on your marketing plan.

That’s why we’ve created FUSE, The Asset Automation Tool. It creates thousands of unique branded assets in a time-efficient, cost-effective and easy to use way.

Think about it

You’ve got thousands of assets to get out for several platforms, demographics, ages, territories and regions quickly. Our tool helps you keep absolute brand consistency, automating for every scenario on-time and on-budget. And the more you create, the lower cost per unit. You can even share with partner agencies and regional markets. Just ask PepsiCo.

Let’s get into it

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. How does it work? Let’s walk through the process of how we make huge global brands’ lives much easier form research to results:

Food and drink modular content

Plan it

Our team comes up with ideas that bring consistency and flexibility across every format, platform, target audience, product variable and message.

Create it

We create each asset for the individual content layers, ready to FUSE it – using everything from art direction and design, to photography and copy.

Refine it

We make sure asset variables are top quality and ready to go, including retouch, layer optimisation, copy refinement, cropping, PPI, file types & size, meta-data and more.

Interior modular content


This is where the fun begins as FUSE compiles layers, builds and renders out thousands of on-brand, on-territory assets automatically. 

Organise it

FUSE creates comprehensive file structures which can be imported directly into any existing asset management system – keeping thousands of assets neat, tidy and ready to use.

Update it

All the assets you create are fully amendable. We can also capture data to help you test and learn, making adjustments to creative and assets based on real-time results.

Scale it

With the cost of each single asset as low as 99p you can afford to make sure the content on your channels and the messaging is exactly right every single time.

Want it?

Get in touch today to find out more about what FUSE can do for you.