Making people gaga for Gaia Baby

Posted by: Megan Cliffe - 28.01.22

Gaia Baby


Hera Furniture had a new range of Gaia Baby nursery furnishings. They needed impactful digital content to shout about the new colourways in the heirloom collection. So, they brought in the experts to create a bespoke, adaptable lifestyle environment made for mass content creation.


Our production team of stylists, photographers and producers got to work building an environment for multiple setups. Meaning the brand and budget could work harder and smarter to achieve more.

This one master environment created 60+ unique lifestyle shots in just one week. It was created to be versatile enough to match each colourway while giving the furniture a life of its own in a beautifully crafted nursery setting.

These shots were planned to create unique product cut-outs for ecommerce channels – with multiple angles per product framing every design detail and build quality to improve the overall customer journey.