Health And Beauty Industry Trend Report 2022

Posted by: Fiona Barber - 02.08.22

Health & Beauty Trend Report

From progress made in sustainability and inclusion to the rapid rise of tech, find out what’s changing the face of the health and beauty industry – and how brands can adapt and thrive.

The top trends you’ll read about in this report are:

  • Sustainable solutions are cleaning up
    The health and beauty industry is one of many sectors facing an eco-reckoning to commit to more sustainable practices.
  • Beauty beyond boundaries
    The global beauty landscape is changing as campaigners call for greater inclusivity and better representation.
  • How tech is changing the face of beauty
    Digital tools embraced by the beauty industry during Covid are here to stay. Skin microbiome analysis and DNA-based insights are set to disrupt.

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Here are our top three Health and Beauty insights

Bio Tech Beauty

Biotech beauty is booming

COVID-19 impacted consumers’ view on the efficacy of purely natural products, and the preference for proven, effective products will continue, giving biotech beauty a strengthened following.

Perfectly personalised

Be it anti-ageing, oil reduction, hydration or enhanced skin tone matching, consumers want bespoke products that answer their skincare needs in a single perfect solution.

Deeper than skin deep

Consumers will take self-care routines to another level by more closely tracking what impact internal and external factors have on their skin.


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