Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

Posted by: Fiona Barber - 07.03.22

International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against gender bias and take action for equality.

We’re joining the world in recognising this day and believe the world is a better place when women’s voices are amplified.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 we asked some of our team what empowers them and what can be done to break the bias in the drive towards an equal future. Here are their inspirational stories.

Sally Rushton, Strategy Director

What makes you feel empowered?

Red lipstick, a good hair day and feeling confident in my shit. There is nothing better than knowing you’ve produced some quality work, a well-thought-through brand strategy and having the opportunity to present to a client and work with the creative team to bring your ideas to life.

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How do you empower other women and work to break the gender bias?

I mentor women in the industry; women I respect, some I’ve managed, and some I’ve worked alongside. It’s great to see them do well, know that they trust me for advice and I’m proud we can celebrate one another’s achievements. I’m here for women supporting women!

I want to show the women at Ride Shotgun and the marketing industry as a whole that you don’t have to be a bitch to succeed; being confident and expressing an opinion does not make you a bitch. Asking for clarification does not make you weak. I’m fed up with hearing (and using) apologetic statements as a precursor when I express a view or idea: “this might be a load of rubbish but…”, “sorry to bother you…”. Why are we so apologetic? Be direct. Be kind. Be professional.

What are you most proud of within your career?

Championing women in creative and digital agencies as part of the leadership team at Ride Shotgun. Working on too many campaigns and clients to namecheck at a host of agencies… and loads more I’m excited to create with the team.

Roxy Fielding, Business Development Director

What makes you feel empowered?

Being given the space and support to make my own choices, express my point of view and influence, without judgement due to my gender – and equally, facilitating that for others.

How do you empower other women and work to break the gender bias?

I have mainly lived and worked in a male-dominated world: growing up with two brothers, working on male-dominated sales floors throughout my career. But I have been active in women’s empowerment and gender equality my whole life.

My mother, Mandana Hendessi, has an OBE for her work with women, so I was part of gender equality campaigns from a very young age and my involvement continues to this day.

Most recently, I’ve generated awareness and fundraised for the Malala Fund and I am a mentor at Bloom Network that supports young women in the communications industry through mentorship and support, with the ambition of not losing talent in the industry due to women feeling marginalised.

Gender bias is rampant, and the knock-on effect it creates isn’t inspiring for some women and can cause a lack of ambition and a ‘what’s the point’ or an ‘I can’t do that’ mentality.

I also have seen that women, particularly British women, find it difficult to express how good they are at something and can’t explain their successes. We need to be proud and shout about our achievements.

What are you most proud of within your career?

While I have always been respected regardless of my gender, I’ve realised that I would try a lot harder than my male counterparts to prove that I’m just as good as them – if not better.

Before joining Ride Shotgun, I was at a female-led agency, and we worked with many gender equality and women empowerment brands, events and projects. Ride Shotgun saw this as a plus point for me in the hiring process, so I urge all women who think ‘what’s the point’ to drop this negative mentality and realise their power.

Tamaris Roberts, HR Support Manager

What makes you feel empowered?

Taking ownership of projects to enable improved, cohesive working practices. Sometimes we need to take the bull by the horns to get the job done.

And… dancing like I’m still in my 20s at a dance gig until the early hours and not caring one bit!

How do you empower other women and work to break the gender bias?

As a female in a management position, it’s vital to lead by example and nurture our employees to be the best they can be. Sometimes this means encouraging women to speak up for what they believe in. It’s gratifying when you achieve the things that matter to you and that you know will benefit others!

I’m also a qualified Mental Health First Aider. My door is always open to listen to any of our team’s worries and support them no matter who they are or their gender.

What are you most proud of within your career?

A couple of years ago, I won the Office Hero award through a local event in Sheffield after being nominated by a colleague on the QT.

I received the most amazing comments from my colleagues that brought a tear to my eye and made me feel incredibly proud, flattered and that what I do is valued by my teammates.

Emma Mitchell, Senior Account Manager

What makes you feel empowered?

Smashing out a Beyonce ballad or clearing a dancefloor for full-on Lady Gaga choreography – you can’t beat those endorphins and feeling like a queen *insert sassy hand emoji.

How do you empower other women and work to break the gender bias?

By working with clients and steering projects that shed light on societal problems and prejudices against women. These are incredibly important issues and I love that I get to input and really make a difference.

What are you most proud of within your career?

I made a documentary, which broke down the gender stereotypes of abuse in relationships. I’m all about empowering women to reach their potential, but gender bias can work both ways and raising awareness of all issues is essential in the drive towards gender equality.

Before joining Ride Shotgun, I worked my way up to become a producer and then made a huge life choice and career change to teach three-year-olds on the other side of the world. I wanted to see the world, immerse myself in a different culture. It was about making a choice that would open my mind and help me grow – that was empowering!

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