What’s a Joined Up Brand Journey Anyway?

Posted by: Amanda Mulquiney - 28.06.24

In the latest episode of the “Brand Bites” podcast, we’re here to talk about everything to do with “joined up brand journeys…”  And to help us do precisely that, we’re joined by our very own Andy Weir, Chief Client Officer at Ride Shotgun and Lee Morton, Head of Brand and Proposition Development at Arco, the UK’s leading PPE suppliers and safety experts and a longstanding client of Ride Shotgun.

Lee has very kindly agreed to talk us through Arco’s brand experience in practice. Including how they’ve gone about creating a joined-up brand journey for Arco – what are the pitfalls and the challenges and also the ways in which they’ve seen it work wonders for their marketing – not to mention, their wider business too. 

Get ready for a lively chat filled with insights, laughs, and maybe a surprise or two. Let’s roll!

Guest: Lee Morton, Head of Brand and Proposition Development at Arco

Host: Laura Richards, Account Director at Ride Shotgun

Co-Host: Andy Weir, Ride Shotgun’s Chief Client Officer at Ride Shotgun


About Arco

As one of the UK’s leading safety experts and suppliers of PPE, safety equipment, and maintenance supplies, Arco brings over 135 years of experience. Their team offers specialist expertise and a comprehensive, strategic approach to safety. With a relationship spanning over 10 years, Arco and Ride Shotgun are well-placed to discuss the importance of a joined-up brand journey.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • The Importance of Joined up Brand Journeys (0:00-11:30)
  • The Arco Story and The Evolving Needs of the Customer (11:30-16:14)
  • What are the Downfalls of NOT having a Joined-Up Brand Journey? (16:14-20:42)
  • Who Really Owns the Brand? (20:42-23:24)
  • SEO & Authenticity (23:24-24:14)
  • Arco x Ride Shotgun Partnership (24:14-36:00)
  • What tactics have been successful? (36:00-38:00)
  • “Challenging Thinking” & The Role of the Agency (38:00-42:00)
  • Quickfire questions! (42:00-46:00)

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