De-stressing during a crisis, for Unilever’s Dove Hair brand

Turning round a new social campaign to engage newly furloughed and home working customers.

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Sometimes you need the agility to turn on a sixpence to adapt to fast changing market conditions. As the global Covid-19 health crisis began to really hit home, Dove Hair could see that more and more consumers were being furloughed or working from home, with children to care for and little time for personal care.

Dove knew they could help, but it was going to take a quick change of direction and messaging in their social assets.

Stress-relief for Dove Hair and their customers

Working closely with the Dove marketing team, we quickly helped them to refine and hone a new message that was guided by fresh insights into their customers’ new Covid-19 related pain points, mindsets and tensions.

At its heart was a unifying content theme which offered Dove fans a reassuring daily dose of self-care while doing their bit to fight the epidemic.

Warmth, empathy and healthy hair

It was clear that our focus needed to be very much on warmth, support and empathy. With the main channel being Instagram, we created a variety of social assets for the campaign including carousels, GIFs and GIPHY stickers. These featured a range of simple tips for de-stressing, how to get a good night’s sleep and advice on staying mentally and physically healthy to keep your hair in tip top condition.

We also created an engaging self-care pledge story that let customers nominate their friends to take part in, and a ‘How stressed are you feeling today?’ poll story that allowed them to select a stress level and swipe up to get some stress-relieving tips.

We made sure that this new suite of social assets was produced in line with Dove brand identity, tone of voice and values and used the brand’s new watercolour style illustrations, to evoke a warm, human, engaging feel.

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