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Our strategic thinking, fresh ideas and killer content keep HSBC coming back for more. A few highlights of our partnership include positioning HSBC as a leader in digital banking, providing a guiding light for next-gen wealth inheritance through virtual masterclasses from influential figures like Nadja Swarovski, and launching MarketSpace, an innovative digital ecosystem that’s changed the post-trade services world.

Read on to find out how we helped position HSBC as a leader in digital banking.

Creating cut-through in a crowded financial market

Digital banking makes managing money easier and quicker, but in the finance world, the benefits quickly disappear under reams of technical jargon.

HSBC wanted to be seen as a digital leader in innovation with their HSBCnet platform. In a crowded market filled with complicated products, our job was much bigger than creating a straightforward engagement campaign.

We needed a strategy that would shift perceptions, address pain points and customer frustrations. Plus, attention-grabbing creative that would turn on HSBC’s corporate customers to the potential of HSBCnet’s new and improved features.

Tailored content to make every conversation count

Detailed analysis of customer personas revealed five focus areas for the campaign. Each addressed a specific customer need and brought to the fore the features and benefits that would improve their day-to-day banking activities.

This led to our creation of the inspirational campaign headline – ‘What if everyday banking could be extraordinary?’

Through powerful headlines, we demonstrated the customer benefits of an evolved HSBCnet platform and how each would help their business thrive.

Thriving creative

At the core of our creative execution sits HSBC’s recognisable logo; a consistent, yet dynamically changing symbol for HSBC’s role in the world. It demonstrates the transformative and powerful role HSBC plays in helping customers discover the benefits of digital evolution.

We coupled these visuals with the headlines for each customer pillar to create ads that align perfectly with the customer needs.

The overarching creative was applied across multiple formats including a campaign video boosted by paid media, global marketing toolkit and HTML5 banners, plus print materials, exhibition graphics and lobby graphics for Canary Wharf.

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