Mr Kipling

Launching little cakes with a big impact

Putting Mr Kipling's new range of mini cakes and pies on the map

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A brand like Mr Kipling needs no introduction. Everyone from grannies to grandkids knows about the nation’s favourite cupboard staple.

Following our success with Premier Food’s first entirely plant-based range, Plantastic, we were called on to introduce the public to Mr Kipling’s latest creation – a Mini Pies & Tarts range.

Smaller and designed for sharing, these mini cakes really celebrate Mr Kipling’s manifesto to cherish the everyday moments in life. So that was task one – shifting perceptions and helping cake lovers see that while regular Mr Kipling cakes are a perfect way to celebrate, the Mini Pies & Tarts range are perfect for everyday sharing.

Starting from scratch pads

We initially scamped out LOTS of ideas, from the very creative and outlandish to the functional. We’re big believers in working collaboratively, and with a tight deadline looming, our agile and iterative way of working suited this project perfectly.

We conducted remote working tissue sessions with the client to quickly narrow the field and identify ideas to expand and develop.

The Cherry Bakewell is the poster-cake of the Mr Kipling range, but it became apparent very early on within the project that for the ad to work, we needed to communicate the scale of just how mini these cakes were. The solution was at hand…

Using a hand to demonstrate the size of the product, the Mini Bakewell Tart stood out wonderfully on the recognisable Mr Kipling pink, making sure the brand and product recognition boxes were central.

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