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PepsiCo needed to feed a content-hungry audience, and fast. They tasked us with multiple asset creation across a whole host of demographics – including age and global territory. All while keeping it relevant and engaging for each individual audience.

With our scale and flex we were able to provide them with exactly what they needed. We could produce all 19,244 assets on time without losing brand consistency, plus our specialist software FUSE meant we could work even smarter than our competitors.

What’s FUSE?

FUSE combines high quality creative and technology. It lets us automate assets at scale and create thousands of extra high-quality tailored assets in minutes to stretch content further. It creates absolute consistency across markets and territories and provides the assets you need to engage with your specific audience.

PepsiCo was looking to create a bank of assets to showcase beverages and meal occasions across their European markets. FUSE was perfect for this commission, easily creating a multi-channel content activation programme they could quickly use cross-territory.

How do you ask? Well, this project required an agile, creative response and large-scale production activation. We created high-quality photographic assets in our studios then, using FUSE and PepsiCo’s audience data, made thousands of layered files for local markets to pick and choose how best to engage with their target customers.

The key to smarter content

Using our layered assets, FUSE can automatically output to any file size and ratio to suit digital, social, print and OOH or campaign needs. Giving our team time to plan and using a smart creative approach means that every eventuality is planned for from the start.

For PepsiCo, we incorporated a range of backdrops and scenarios – from bars to townscapes to events – to bring an on-brand local element to the finished assets. After assets have been loaded up, with FUSE we could also quickly test and learn, making adjustments to creative and assets based on real-time results.

Our client said:

We were particularly impressed by the speed, brand accuracy and creativity of Ride Shotgun to create and produce such high-quality, large-scale content.

More about FUSE

We developed our FUSE system to make every marketer’s life easier.

We can make a real impact on any platform, including digital and display, website and e-com, email, POS and POD, Social, OOH and Campaign. The ability to tailor assets and output different files in multiple ratios in seconds means everything is covered – all in a fraction of the time it would typically take to create.

You can also share with markets and partner agencies to build a powerful bank of marketing assets that can link to first-party data, enabling you to test, learn and adapt. The incredible benefit of FUSE is the more you create, the lower the unit cost.

Our approach and technology can help with content on any platform in any size or ratio. And don’t forget – everything we create is rights-free in perpetuity, so every asset you create or distribute is yours to use wherever and whenever you want.

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