Giving Premier Foods’ heroic plant-based snacking brand a truly unique voice

Making sure Plantastic stands out for a generation of health-conscious go-getters

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Following trials in national supermarkets, Premier Foods needed an agency with the perfect blend of brand strategy, agility and creativity to make sure their new brand launch hit the spot.

And in the increasingly crowded plant-based snacking space, Plantastic needed something to help them really stand out for their audience.

That’s where we came in.

The strategic opportunity

Plantastic’s sector was one of widespread conventions with little differentiation. For our strategy team, this presented a clear gap in the market.

While most of their competitors were talking taste and plant-based health credentials, there was an opportunity to stand out with a more consumer-focused message.


Unwrapping the key insight

Plantastic’s health-conscious, go-getter audience celebrates life’s victories, however big or small. The brand’s win-win combination of positive nutrition with no compromise feels like just that – an everyday win.

Our job was to capture that universal ‘yes!’ moment when two good things add up to something even better. Like trying on your favourite old pair of jeans and discovering they still fit. And then finding a tenner in one of the pockets.

This simple and relatable idea of an everyday win led to the emotive, brand-centred strapline ‘Small wins feel Plantastic’.

A tasteful tone and vibrant personality

To further differentiate them from others in their space, the Plantastic brand team asked us to help develop a unique tone of voice and personality. In keeping with the early stages of this project, our approach put the consumer front and centre.

After a lot of sticky notes, we landed on four compelling and meaningful personality traits that mirror the brand and its consumers. These were then translated into a set of tone of voice principles.

Packed full of life

The next task was to develop the existing look and feel to bring it in line with our thinking. The design team set out working with the assets to create a distinguishable and lively launch campaign that would put products front of mind.

Textured brushstrokes and watercolours were created to complement the hand-drawn ingredients and give the brand more playful equity. A hill device was brought in to lift the product from the background area and position it front-and-centre.

A consistent visual style was created to make sure the whole range of assets was recognisable and unmistakeably Plantastic. Additional pack shots and photography were also captured to help bring the brand and products to life for pre-roll advertising on Youtube.

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