Developing a winning Customer Value Proposition

Helping electric cable manufacturer Prysmian UK Trade safeguard its market position as an industry leading brand, and nurture new and existing relationships.

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Sustaining your position as the leading UK manufacturer of electric cables is increasingly challenging under the threat of low-cost entrants in a largely price-driven and uncertain market. 

Prysmian UK recognised that long-term brand building is key to retaining their existing trade and installer relationships, attracting new prospects looking for the best in construction cables and maintaining their market position as the premium manufacturer. 

To ensure their brand building activity was insight-led and future proofed, we developed a new customer value proposition for Prysmian UK’s Trade and Installer market. 

Building on existing research and insight

Our first task was to really get under the skin of Prysmian UK and their specific offer to the Trade and Installer market (T&I). 

What truly sets them apart from competitors? How do they deliver on their promises in a way that no competitor can? What do customers expect from them just to be able to compete in the market? These were just some of the many questions we needed to answer in order to formulate a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) that was differentiating, motivating and credible. 

We started with reams of research supplied by Prysmian UK. We conducted a period of desk research to gather insights into their customers, their competitors, their company and the current environment in which they operate. We identified gaps, and conducted a series of qualitative interviews and workshops to build a deeper understanding of the brand in the current market. 

The goals of qualitative research were to: 

  • Create a solid research and insight foundation on which to create the CVP 
  • To engage stakeholders early on in the process
  • To gain insight from front line staff within Prysmian UK T&I market 
  • To better understand the challenges, needs and motivations of their diverse audience groups 
  • To validate insights to gain confidence in successfully taking the new CVP to market. 

The deliverables from this phase included a research and insights presentation and recommendations, the development of new customer personas and a roadmap for project implementation. 

Repositioning Prysmian UK (T&I) from a support partner to an industry leader

What prevailed throughout the process was Prysmian’s genuine capability as an industry influencer, spokesperson and go-to source of information for their customers and peers. With over 100 years heritage, the brand offers stability, expertise and reliability when it comes to surviving, and thriving, in a market that is subject to the uncertainty of global pandemics and huge political change, such as Brexit. 

Prysmian UK is part of Prysmian Group – a global leader in the cable systems industry. They are unified in their mission to meet sustainability goals and are supported by the expertise, experience and knowledge shared by such a global powerhouse. 

The deliverables from this phase included: 

  • New customer value proposition (CVP) 
  • Messaging framework 
  • Persona-specific propositions 
  • Product-specific propositions 

Realising the Power of Prysmian

Having completed our discovery phase and development of the CVP, our strategy and creative teams set about bringing it to life. 

The concept – The Power of Prysmian – truly captured the insights and new customer value proposition in a way that enabled the messaging to flex across Prysmian’s core capabilities and customer segments. 

Deliverables included:

  • Creative concept and development
  • Copywriting
  • Image production
  • Asset creation

Closing the loop on communications 

With a solid strategic foundation and a knockout creative vehicle, our next task was to create a campaign strategy and comms plan to launch the new CVP internally and externally. 

We firstly launched within the Trade & Installer team with the primary goal to inspire and educate gatekeepers of the brand on the new CVP and messaging, and how to use it.This included a launch event and breakout sessions, sales team presenters, email and intranet comms. 

The external launch followed shortly after with the core aim to raise awareness of Prysmian in the T&I market and educate customers on the new CVP. Launch channels and tactics included a hero video, sponsored email marketing, digital advertising, paid and organic social and content marketing. 

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