Solidarity in sisterhood throughout a global pandemic, from Unilever’s haircare brand

Producing effective social assets to reach and reassure a global audience

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When the world enters a tumultuous period, people need to be reminded that there’s always a way to be connected. With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, many forms of isolation put Sunsilk’s customers at risk of feeling lonely, uninspired and worried. Providing a sense of sisterhood and encouraging them to explore possibilities, even in difficult times, had never been more important or relevant.

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Pillars to support a moving plan

The brief from Sunsilk was to create a suite of always-on social content that could be picked up by different markets’ marketing teams. We based all content around three content pillars aligned to the brand values – support, inspire and celebrate, share.

Given the unforeseeable nature of the situation and a global audience experiencing its effects at different times, we constantly reviewed planned content to make sure it aligned to girls’ real-time needs. This approach meant we could work proactively and quickly produce authentic and relevant content.

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Switching on always on content

With a strategy and content plan in place, we produced assets over 6 weeks to be used in markets across the world. By focusing narrative and attention on the girls and their mentality rather than the pandemic itself, we were able to maintain a sense of togetherness and positivity around not letting difficult circumstances hold them back.

With the pandemic meaning social media was more prevalent than ever, it was important to produce content that cut through the noise and was instantly recognisable as Sunsilk.

Building on the visual elements of the brand, all messaging was centred around three key aims (Inspire them to keep going / Togetherness is a state of mind / Hair to feel fired up). These aims gave us guide rails for messaging to make sure everything was sensitive, inspiring and authentic.

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