Wiv SunGod

Getting the WiV SunGod brand on a roll

Evolving a bold brand to engage pro-cycling audiences and partners

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WiV SunGod are an aspiring pro-conti cycling team. One that needed to develop a polished brand that packed a punch to win new audiences and sponsors. 

They wanted a slick new photography style, a consistent tone across social, and content to engage their growing fanbase. Our production and creative team were more than ready to build a brand that impressed everyone from stakeholders to sports fans.


Our team put a plan in place to get the content they needed. This included developing an intricate organic content strategy relying on at least two shoots.

The first stop was the team training camp in Girona. The focus of this content was to introduce the riders to their social network, showing them individually and as a team in action.

Alongside stills, we wrote and recorded interviews at the camp to bolster the team’s video and post content. We designed them to not only showcase the strong ambition of the team but their business strategy, sector, competitions, customers and the brand itself too.

With our brilliant shots and interview content ready to ride, we created a visual and tonal proposition for WiV SunGod feeding the content strategy. 

The final results? 22 hours of footage and 600 stills from the Girona training camp across 40 social assets – so far, covering four months of social activity. You can see it in action across their social feeds now.

Here’s what the client had to say:

I’ve been blown away by the work Ride Shotgun have done in elevating the WiV SunGod team profile. Their expertise and commitment to creating high quality, engaging content really shines through all the films, photography and social assets. It really is exceptionally good.

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