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They say that content is king, and in a world transformed by a global pandemic, these words have never been more true. Lockdowns amplified the desire for on-demand content, meaning that for creators, the whole world became a potential audience. As this consumer demand increases, so too does the vast volumes of content that need localising and distributing globally.

ZOO Digital provides the end-to-end localisation and media services required to adapt original TV and movie content for different languages, regions and cultures for the biggest names in entertainment: Netflix, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros. and Paramount.

ZOO Digital already had an excellent reputation with existing clients, but others didn’t understand the value of what set ZOO Digital apart. Their leading technology and innovation were ahead of much else known in the industry.

For time-poor content creators with shrinking budgets and tighter deadlines, sticking to tried and tested processors and software feels comfortable, but many are inefficient and leave room for error.

We needed to show how doing things differently – with ZOO’s innovative technology – would make their lives easier and their complex content challenges simpler and more efficient.

To firmly place ZOO Digital as the go-to partner for the world’s best content creators, we needed to increase their market share from new and existing customers, build on their existing reputation and reposition them in a way that would increase trust and bolster credibility.

A strategy for world-building

To understand precisely why ZOO Digital do the things they do our strategists got under the skin with stakeholder interviews, workshops and external surveys from existing clients.

We discovered that making life easier for their customers is at the root of everything ZOO Digital does. So the proposition was clear: to be the partner that makes globalisation easier for the world’s best content creators by taking complex media content challenges and making them simpler by finding smarter and better ways of doing things.

Our game plan to make the ZOO brand more captivating: shift to a more customer-centric comms approach and unite the business internally to the new proposition and create a cool look and compelling voice that explains how complex global media content challenges are simplified through smarter thinking.

Smarter, better, braver content

The creative expression of this was to imagine a place where customers can get everything they want and much more.

We invited the cream of content creators to step into a brave ZOO world. A world where talent and technology combine to solve challenges today and in the future. A world where globalising content is more effortless.

This world was shaped by a comprehensive rebrand, including everything from a fully adaptable logotype and on-point imagery to establishing a tone of voice and internal values to get the ZOO team fully behind this exciting new chapter. Our web developers also totally revamped ZOO Digital’s website, fully integrating it with HubSpot.

Of course, this content on-demand world simply wouldn’t be complete without some video content, so we topped it all off by producing a slick brand film delivering the core messages of the new proposition and customer benefits.

The result? ZOO Digital is positioned as a key market player that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Hollywood giants. Plus, glowing praise from one of ZOO Digital’s key clients.


You have the best marketing of any of our partners by a country mile – always fresh, always engaging.

, VP of Operations at a major Hollywood studio

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