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You probably already have a strategic above-the-line agency, who has been primarily appointed to define your longer term brand ambition and marketing strategy.

However, what we have learned is that when it comes to subsequent brand, marketing and content initiatives that sit under the lead proposition, these agencies can often be very costly and slow to respond. Your budget is blown before year-end with perhaps little to show for it. 

That’s where we come in – as a TIER TWO agency – specifically designed to answer strategic, creative and content production briefs in an agile and cost efficient way, with highly effective results.

Finding the right balance between strategy, creativity, and your content production budget can be a real challenge. The good news is we’re already solving this for marketers like PZ Cussons, Boots and Nature’s Bounty…


We’re perfectly positioned to help you hit the sweet spot between budget and brilliance. Being smaller, more agile and made up of experts from all the key disciplines you’d find in your above-the-line agency allows us to be more responsive and use highly efficient working processes.

Our tighter, more focussed teams work flexibly to balance swift campaign activation with the high level of creative talent and strategic expertise found in big, global agencies. Ensuring you get high quality content delivered quickly, efficiently and within your budget. And one less problem to deal with.

If you’re finding your above-the-line agency struggles to effectively deliver smaller campaigns on budget or at pace, we can provide the balance your marketing budget badly needs, while making your life just that little bit easier.

Ready to roll with purpose built studios

Our Leeds-based production hub takes all the pain out of production. With 30,000 sq ft of studio space we can expertly manage whatever you throw at us. Studio One is specifically designed for high-end beauty and lifestyle productions with a 7m wide cove, a greenscreen area and a full model changing and prep area.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Ride Shotgun quickly ‘got’ our brands and now inherently understand how the look and feel of content should vary across our portfolio. We’ve found them more creative and better at delivering on our brief than some big-name, big-price agencies.

No brief is ever out of scope, despite the variety of budgets we have to work with, and when needed their turnaround times are phenomenal! The Ride Shotgun team is a dream to work with, always bringing positivity and a can-do attitude to the table, and our planning meetings, shoots, and even editing processes are always full of fun while managing to be incredibly efficient!

Emma Bate – Senior Global Brand Manager PZ Cussons

Just some of the examples of our work…


Working across two of their leading global brands – Solgar and Nature’s Bounty – we hooked the brands’ audiences with a culturally considered, omnichannel approach.

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Our specialist production team launched two iconic Boots beauty brands with gorgeous results.

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Joined-up brand journeys

We think big strategically, go big creatively and deliver big in production. All in one place

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