Making waves with Amanda Holden x Charles Worthington

Posted by: Megan Harrison - 26.01.22

Amanda Holden


25 years of Charles Worthington is a big deal. One they wanted to celebrate by partnering with much-loved celeb Amanda Holden. A tight turnaround and a trusted brand left us raring to make waves for such an iconic pairing.


We created premium TV-ready content in a one-day London interview and photoshoot, introducing Amanda to the CW family.

Balancing her down-to-earth personality and aspirational look was key to brand ambassador success. Our specialist team of creatives, stylists and producers made her feel like a friend – with gorgeous hair of course.

Three killer looks with age-positivity, personal experience, female empowerment and brand trust made for bold, engaging content. Producing long-form, short-form and teaser edits, campaign imagery and video to support the launch.