Immersive AR, XR & VR

We’ve all seen Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) taking the marketing world by storm. We offer both and more here at Ride Shotgun. And if you’ve not heard of it, Extended Realities (XR) are a mix of AR, VR and Mixed Realities giving your brand next level customer experience and engagement to help you start conversations, build brand impressions and grow your customer base. But more on that below.

Immersive AR, xR & VR

What we can do for your brand

Ready to connect with your audience on another level – literally? Get ready for AR, VR and XR.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings the physical and digital world together to create larger than life experiences for your audience. We’ve already helped plenty of businesses do everything from visualise products, to create brand new worlds in the Metaverse. These experiences not only bring you closer to your audience but allow you to engage in a more meaningful way.

Extended Reality is a combination of VR, AR and MR. It goes further than traditional production methods, combining storytelling and gamification to give information a new more engaging spin for your audience.

VR, AI & Gamification


Combining storytelling, narrative and gamification mechanisms can enable connection and portray contextual information beyond what’s possible using traditional production methods. Take for example, our work with Race Against The Machine for Dell. We didn’t simply tell IT buyers about the lightning-fast machine learning capabilities of the new Dell computers; we put them in the driver’s seat for an exhilarating experience. Producing a racing game that seamlessly blended virtual reality with artificial intelligence.

We created a fully immersive live racing game where participants could test their skills against an adaptive AI opponent. Players were active competitors, going toe to toe with an AI trained to match the prowess of a McLaren F1 driver. Lap by lap, the AI learned and improved, evolving into a top-tier racing opponent tracked on a real-time leaderboard.

We stepped away from conventional white papers and instead delivered a solution where the excitement of the race and the thrill of competition made our event a memorable experience for all.

AR Gamification

City Lions: Bringing Westminster’s culture scene to teens

Westminster City is one of the UK’s most economically diverse regions. It’s also full of fantastic culture. So how do you combine the two? The City Lions programme aims to enrich young people’s lives through creative and cultural opportunities. So, we gave them the spotlight.

We dived headfirst into the world of Westminster’s teenagers (aged 13 to 16) with a comprehensive discovery workshop. This wasn’t about data, it was about understanding their aspirations, daily routines and social-media engagement.

The Results?

An Instagram AR filter with a canvas of endless possibilities. With gamification at the core, we crafted an experience that didn’t just raise awareness but turned heads and ignited curiosity. And the best bit? The outcomes went way beyond expectations: 3.2 million impressions, 10,200 ad clicks and 5,000 click-throughs to the City Lions website – a significant boost in traffic and potential leads. The project wasn’t just a success, it was a celebration of Westminster.


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