Product Configurators

Visualise and sell your products in all their HD glory from anywhere, on any device. Directly inside your eCommerce stack or through a browser.

Let your customers become designers with custom configurators

Seamlessly integrate our product configurators into your eCommerce stack, making it easy for you to showcase your products and increase sales with a friction-free commerce experience.

With customisable features including size, scale, and colour, you can create a personalised shopping experience for your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

Millions of options and endless possibilities

From product components, features, accessories, materials to colours and finishes – our solutions bridge the online-offline gap, providing a pixel perfect 3D catalogue of your physical products that can be viewed from anywhere – on any device, running directly in the browser and in your eCommerce stack.



If you’re looking for unique digital experiences that can enhance your brand identity, product comms or design customisation, our cutting-edge 3D solutions come in many formats including 360° tours, room visualisers or virtual showrooms.


We have the in-house capabilities to deliver live interactive solutions with no pre-image rendering required. These real time renders are ideal for product configurators, virtual exhibitions, training solutions or sales tools. Virtual and very versatile for maximum engagement. For more information about our product configurators click here.


How it works

Once we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, we’ll define the scope of the project. This means figuring out the product combinations you need, like size, scale, and 3D modelling requirements.


We’re all about attention to detail, so we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your project meets your exact specifications. Our ultimate goal is to help you sell more, and we know a custom configurator is a killer way to make that happen.




  • 3D Product Spin (Turn, Zoom, Spin)
  • 3D Product Component (Customisation / Visualisation)
  • Product Selector and Basket Builder
  • 3D Visualisation – Floorplan/Interior/Exterior
  • Interactive Virtual Showrooms
  • Realtime Flythrough & Walkthrough Animations
  • Technical 3D Parametric Design
  • 360 Degree Rotating Interactive Products
  • 3D Shoppable Commerce
  • 3D Exploded Diagrams
  • Pixel Streaming and Real Time Rendering
  • Styled & On-Trend
  • Multiple Room Options
  • Bespoke and Branded UI/UX
  • Custom eCommerce/POS Integration

TEMPO is the powerhouse behind Ride Shotgun’s technology stack – a cutting-edge suite of industry-leading innovations enabling you to create, manage and deliver jaw-dropping content faster and bigger than ever before. We’re not just keeping up with the game; we’re setting the pace.

  • 3D scanning – creating a digital twin or clone of your product whether that is a can, a sofa, a boat or a building!
  • Project management  – online systems for review, proofing, delivery and digital asset management
  • Volume content production – auto generated mass content production systems allowing millions of assets to be created at speed and delivered direct to your tech stack
  • Configurators – product or lifestyle configurators allowing you to manipulate and change your product selection and view in an interactive platform including AR, VR and Pure 360 viewing
  • Custom Dev – not every technology request fits neatly into a ‘box’ and we are able to work with you to build the right solution whether this is an app, a website or a bespoke sample management system

For more information on any of the above technology solutions please contact us.

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