Smart Production

Retailers and brand owners need to create a huge amount of content. Then broadcast across an unprecedented range of channels. And take into account increasingly scrutinised budgets, and ever demanding deadlines.

Throw into the mix the various types of content production techniques available, and the ever-evolving technology, powered by AI, moving things at lightning speed. It’s impossible to keep up and know what type of agency to turn to.

Luckily, Ride Shotgun is that agency. Committed to breaking down the barriers to production, we make sure we’ve got one eye on the future. We’ve got your back, creating stunning content whatever format, for whatever channel, for today and tomorrow.

Want killer content at scale, on time, on brand and on budget? We’re one of the UK’s freshest and biggest content production companies with an in-house production team that has the skills to make it happen, across owned, earned and paid channels. Photography, video, animation… However you like your content, we’ve got the infrastructure and the expertise to deliver big time in production, every time.


We’ve built our production capability around some key principles that we believe support the needs of modern marketing;


    We create the content; you own it 100%. No licensing, no time limits, no restrictions and no hassle.


    We have talented photographers, producers, modellers, editors, retouchers, set-builders and stylists on our books. So, we can deliver great campaigns faster and make your content budgets stretch further.


    We can tap into the very best of UK and global talent, with high-profile photographers, directors, stylists, home economists and more on our list of contacts.


    We don’t favour one medium over another. What matters most to us is making the best possible content. Multiple production methods needed? No problem, we have them all under one roof.



Put the pro in production from 30,000 sq ft of UK studio space to our sunny Portugal production hub.

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Seamless CGI

Create stunning CGI visuals for your brand at speed with 15 years of Ride Shotgun expertise.

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Boundary-pushing Virtual & Hybrid Production

Rethink what’s possible with our blend of digital and physical production, helping you get to market faster.

Multiple production methods needed? No problem, we have them all under one roof with teams that seamlessly interact.

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From script writers to storyboarders to animators, we have it all under one roof for swift video production.

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Immersive AR, XR & VR

Next level experience and engagement to help you start conversations, build impressions and grow your brand.

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Forward Thinking AI

We’ve got a suite of AI tools that we use to produce quality content quickly, clearly and cost-effectively, all while keeping the original creative thinking that’ll make your brand stand out.

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Product Configurators

Let consumers become designers with custom configurators with millions of options: Product components, features, materials, colours, finish, accessories and more… The possibilities are endless. Click here to learn more about our fully interactive, shoppable and 3D product configurators.

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Extensive Post Production

All your post production needs, all under one roof for quality, on-brand content when you need it. Our post-production team are based in our studios, so they can start doing their stuff before the shoot’s even over. Colour grading, retouching, VO recording and SFX are all in their skillsets.

Joined-up brand journeys

We think big strategically, go big creatively and deliver big in production. All in one place

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