Virtual & Hybrid Production

Whether it’s finding the perfect location for shoot, or building a realistic prototype, production challenges can take time you simply don’t have. Virtual and hybrid production help you to get to market faster by combining tech and creative to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Multiple production methods needed? No problem, we have them all under one roof with teams that seamlessly interact.

Virtual Production

Bring your vision to life quickly and cost-effectively with virtual backgrounds using CGI, video and animation. This smart production method lets you create fantastical settings that would be impossible or completely out of budget in real life.

Hybrid Production

You tell us what you need and we’ll combine our range of smart production methods to make it happen. They’re all under one roof and seamlessly work with talent to produce the impactful creative that’s on budget but above what you thought possible. Our joined-up approach to creative and production allows us to create content without boundaries.


TV Quality Production for Cotswold Co

For Cotswold Co, we were asked to create an online video to promote Cotswold Co’s sofa quality message and guarantee. Our brilliant team of creatives struck gold with the proposition, ‘It’s What’s Inside that Counts.’ Using the latest in cutting-edge scanning and referencing technology, we meticulously referenced the frame, filling, and finished product. The result? A seamless blend of greenscreen, a custom CGI environment, a real sofa – and dog! Faster, cost-effective and cute too.

CGI-Generated Paradise

How do you create a conceptual product launch without the actual product? Using high-end CGI we created an immersive tropical rainforest, then added actors, set-build and VFX. The results? A suite of luxury product assets sent right to our client before the product even hit the market.


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