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A decade-long partnership with the UK’s leading health and safety experts

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Leading on everything from brand strategy to above the line production, there’s little we’ve not worked on with Arco. Our fully joined-up approach makes sure no opportunity is missed – and has delivered results that they’ve never seen before, including multiple award-winning safety campaigns.

Read on to discover how we helped protect Arco’s place as the leading brand in health and safety.

Strategic positioning: getting to the heart of health and safety

When Arco needed help hitting business targets and increasing brand awareness, our strategists got to work with interviews, customer motivation analysis and desk research to fully understand the problem and get into customer mindsets.

The discovery? Price is a significant factor in the purchasing decision for customers, but the cost of not being compliant or – worse – safety gear failing is far greater.

We needed to remind health and safety and procurement managers that as THE experts in the industry with a strong sense of purpose Arco is best placed to keep people and businesses safe and compliant.

Bolder creative and bigger results

Creating an emotive and singular brand promise: ‘Your world made safer’ cemented Arco’s commitment to their industry and was the perfect vehicle to begin to communicate clearly and impactfully to their audiences.

Through a customer value proposition and a messaging matrix, we demonstrated how Arco delivers on the brand promise, which helped customer-facing teams leverage the brand to convert sales.

This newly solidified, purpose-led and customer-first brand deserved all eyes on them. In search of bigger, bolder results, we took awareness to the next level with Arco’s first-ever TV ad, backed by savvy social and digital ads.

The results

  • 85% of viewers thought it was appealing on an emotive level
  • 84% said it stood out from the crowd of TV ads
  • 74% said they are more likely to use this brand going forwards

This campaign smashed established benchmarks for performance

Lee Morton: Head of Brand Proposition – Arco

A joined-up approach to brand building

Alongside our external comms, uniting the Arco business behind the newly developed brand promise was key to building belief and bringing clarity and consistency to all communications.

To launch with a bang during a period of national lockdowns, we held a virtual launch event featuring keynote speaker, explorer, fundraiser and author Sir Ranulph Fiennes – building excitement anticipation through Broadcast teaser comms, including video teasers via Yammer and email.

We also developed the Arco Academy – an engaging training platform that hosts a range of rich content around the brand, which continues to evolve.

The legacy lives on through keynote events, training platforms, and a revamp of Arco’s new headquarters in Hull.

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