The 5 Best Creative Chocolate Ads of All Time

Posted by: Amanda Mulquiney - 08.12.22

With World Chocolate Day fast approaching, we took it to our creative team to vote for their favourite chocolate TV ads, creative branding and commercials of all time. We hope we’ve done enough to whet your appetite with these delicious delights…

But first, grab a cuppa coffee and your favourite chocolate bar – it’s about to get delicious!


Let’s kick off our countdown with a timeless classic. ‘Have a break, have a…’ — already know how to finish that sentence. Kit Kat has introduced this iconic line back in 1957. Fun fact: type ‘kitk’ into Apple, and it autocorrects to Kit Kat. How many brands can boast that level of recognition?

With a powerhouse concept, Kit Kat achieves what many brands only dream of—being a cultural commentator. When a break is needed, it’s a Kit Kat moment. No explanations required, paving the way for really interesting creative opportunities.


An unexpected stroke of creative genius came from the Gorilla film by Cadbury. They transformed the simple concept of joy, the delight of indulging in Dairy Milk, into captivating ad that resonates with our national love for chocolate.

The Gorilla drumming to Phil Collins’ “Something In The Air Tonight” is one of the most memorable pieces of pop culture this century. Come take a trip down memory lane and watch the 2007 classic…


One of the biggest brands in the US is Reece’s. What Reece’s have done better than any other chocolate brand is completely own a colour and visual style. The messaging is always fun but the real confidence comes through the orange, yellow and brown branding.

At first glance, it might seem like an odd colour combo on paper, but there’s no denying its unmistakable allure. And let’s be real, those peanut butter cups? Utterly addictive.


Here’s another unexpected success, hailing from Amsterdam but conquering the US: Tony’s Chocolonely.

The magic? The quirky branding—odd type, crazy shapes inside, and a thickness that’s tooth-chipping risky, but it’s so good that we don’t hold a grudge.

Tony’s is what we call a purpose led company but they get the balance of the messaging just right. The product looks and tastes amazing and then when you investigate more, you read about their mission to make chocolate 100% slave free. A neat trick to deliver that message in a fun way.


In an era where groundbreaking ideas from traditional ad agencies are becoming rare, ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ for Snickers stands as one of the last iconic global concepts. A testament to the power of a brilliantly crafted ad strategy, it’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest ideas resonate the loudest. This slogan secures the top spot in our rankings, a testament to the enduring impact of a brilliantly crafted wordsmanship.

The beauty of a strategic idea like that is that when you look back on it, it seems so simple, so obvious. You could argue that perhaps that idea could be suited to a different chocolate bar but again, it’s been executed so perfectly that again (just like Kit Kat) it’s now completely entwined and interchangeable with the brand.


We hope our chocolate-filled selection hit the sweet spot. If you’ve got big ambitions but need a spark to ignite your brand’s potential, then let us know. 

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