Ride in 5: Why brand basics are your tactical advantage

Posted by: Kat McSweeney - 04.10.23

They say it’s the little things that make a difference. And this is never more true than in marketing.

That’s why we developed Ride in 5: a series of bite-size, five-minute reads that break down industry challenges, insights and trends, providing oodles of inspiration for new ways of thinking and doing – helping ambitious marketers make their life easier.

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What’s the real challenge?

GWI data paints a clear picture: 40% of consumers are tightening their purse strings compared to 2022. 

This isn’t surprising, given the backdrop of a sustained ‘permacrisis’ in the UK, characterised by Brexit, Covid, escalating living costs and heightened climate concerns. During these turbulent times, brands find themselves navigating stormy waters.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to remember that resilient brands not only weather the storm but thrive during it. If you’re noticing dwindling click rates, sluggish lead generation, and lackluster sales conversions, instead of immediately allocating extra budget to PPC campaigns and promotions, it’s worth revisiting some fundamental brand strategies.

4 things to ask

Where does the real challenge lie? Ask yourself…

  1. Is it a brand thing? Do you have a strong brand story and consistent identity, or is there confusion or a lack of cohesion? Is everyone going their own way and diluting the message?
  2. Is it an audience thing? Do you really know what target audience wants? Or more importantly what’s stopping them from engaging with you? (Lack of awareness doesn’t count!)
  3. Is it a comms thing? Does your messaging have clarity? Is it compelling and clear? Or are you trying to say everything in the hope that something, anything, will stick?
  4. Is it a channel thing? Are you confident you’re reaching the right people, at the right point in their buying journey?

What you can do

TIP: Find the time to get your head above the parapet. Sometimes the answer is simple.

Build solid foundations.

Clarity around what you stand for and consistency of messaging and experience across all touch points is vital for building brand trust and loyalty. Regularly assess and adjust your brand to reflect your evolving business objectives and values to stay relevant and appealing to your audience.

For more on this check out our blog: “Find your why”.

Know your audience

Fact, not fiction, should drive your audience strategy. In busy, budget-conscious and lean marketing teams, relying on insight over opinion is essential. Skipping customer research is a false economy.

Be Single-minded 

Simplify your messaging to cut through the noise and connect. In a cluttered marketing landscape capturing attention with concise, single-minded messaging is key. Highlight one relevant benefit or pain point to grab your audience’s attention.

Hang out in the right places

With new technologies, social channels and platforms emerging all the time, it’s tempting to want to jump on the next ‘big thing’. Don’t follow the herd. Follow the data and insight to be where your customers are.

Set Clear goals 

What are we trying to do here? Goals, objectives and KPIs every time! How can you celebrate success if no-one’s clear on what success looks like?

Get everyone on the same page, pulling in the same direction and then track the effectiveness of your campaign and activations so you can refine and adapt your approach. Remember it’s incremental changes over time that have the biggest impact.


Get Inspired


Glossier, a beauty brand targeting millennials and Gen Z, offers affordable, user-friendly products with a minimalist and fresh aesthetic. Their inclusive, down-to-earth and empowering customer stories and marketing campaigns set them apart from the competition who often rely on professional models.


BrewDog excels in online brand connection, fostering a community through blogs, podcasts and social. Impressive for a product originally designed for in-person social experiences. Notably, BrewDog’s willingness to tackle controversial subjects, such as mental health, alcoholism and other social issues has seen them skyrocket to success in trying times.

The White Company

Their dedication to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail underpin a successful holistic brand strategy that fosters a lifestyle. Through social media and in-store experiences, gifting creates unforgettable home moments, fueling demand for their products.


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