A Guide to CGI in E-commerce

Posted by: Richard Marriott - 11.10.22

CGI Ecommerce

Every marketer knows we live in the world of ‘more’. More content, more customisation, more engagement – and we want it now.

It can be exhausting, both physically and financially, to keep up with especially in a world of shrinking budgets and faster delivery. But luckily there are plenty of tips and tricks out there that make that pain-free. And With 60% of shoppers more likely to buy a product after trying it out in 3D or AR, and over 800 million users engaging with AR in the last 12 months (+32% year on year), can you really afford to ignore the stats?

So, what is CGI?

Computer generated imagery (CGI) means still or animated visual content created using computer software. It combines the best of technology and creativity to generate photorealistic imagery usually drawn from a simple photo.

And, with ultra realistic graphics it’s really difficult to spot a digitally created image from a real-life photograph. In fact all the images on this page are all made with CGI.

CGI for ecommerce

How can it help you?

Here are just some of the benefits to using CGI in your marketing:

  • Bring USPs to life – Build credibility, break down complex information and boost purchasing confidence with 3D CGI animations.
  • Budget friendlyUsing CGI, you can create heaps of customised product visuals in a click.
  • Creative freedom – The capabilities of CGI are virtually limitless from photorealistic backdrops and 3D products, to augmented and virtual reality.
  • Easily updated Need to change a colour scheme or tweak a label? We’re on it. Thanks to CGI, this can be done quickly and cheaply rather than having to physically reshoot products.

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