Creating Content That Cuts Through And Connects

Posted by: Richard Marriott - 23.09.22

Our Philosophy

It’s the little things that truly make a difference. But learning to do a lot of the little things more often can make a big difference to your marketing. 

That’s why we developed Ride in 5: a series of bite-sized five-minute reads that aim to break down complex challenges, highlight industry insight and trends and provide oodles of inspiration for new ways of thinking and doing –helping ambitious marketers hack their day the easy way.

What you need to know

In our hyper-connected, always-on world, there is an overwhelming and ever-increasing amount of content on the internet – and consumers are starting to feel the negative effects of it.

Many are looking to adopt a more intentional approach to digital media consumption, either limiting screen time or turning off notifications.

Why it matters

Increased filtering of content can make it more tricky for brands to reach their audience, but it does mean there is a chance to really connect – if they get it right.

With limited time and headspace, the challenge for brands is how to cut through without adding to the noise – and avoid being muted or unfollowed. 

Consumers are looking to brands to be a reliable source of information, with 42% using the brands website to learn about, shop for, and buy products  (IBM, 2022). There is an opportunity to add value and become a trusted expert, helping consumers to find what they are looking for, quickly.

But it’s not all about getting immediately from A to B. Consumers are still spending time online seeking out positive content and entertainment that provides a much-needed break. Pushing brand or product in this phase can immediately turn consumers off, resulting in missed opportunities. 

By facilitating unproductive leisure and escapism, brands can connect with their audience on an emotional level. 


What you can do

Be choiceful in content shared to ensure it is truly relevant to the audience. And going a step further, provide them with the control to select what they want to see. Offer choice options at the point of newsletter sign-up, notification preferences and content filtering on-site.

Become a trusted expert partner. Not only support your audience’s needs, but anticipate them along the journey using data to do so.

Provide objective free time. Focus on entertainment and wellbeing, offering consumers a moment to switch off, where brand and product are not forced. Ensure content feels authentic, human and real.

Utilise user generated content and harness the voices of customers or passionate frontline experts to provide credibility and relatability.


Get inspired

Pets at Home

The Pets at Home blog is a huge source of easy to navigate pet care content, with filters for pet type, age and needs. The brand has also stepped up its CRM strategy to not only support but anticipate consumers needs as their pet grows.

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Chubbies, the men’s “proper length” shorts brand that centre their content around that ‘Friday at 5’ feeling. They fully facilitate providing entertainment and downtime in a way that is human and real to connect with their audience on an emotional level.  

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AO use creators to build a rich YouTube channel. Content series such as ‘30 day spring clean challenge’ feature a different content creator offering advice and helpful tips that feel authentic and genuinely helpful.

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