Insights and highlights from DEVELOP3D LIVE

Posted by: Danny Austin - 06.11.23

DEVELOP3D LIVE is an annual exhibition event that’s at the forefront of showcasing revolutionary advancements in product development and technology. Featuring over 50 exhibitors and 30 dynamic speakers, it’s the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into the latest tools and product tech. Connect with like-minded industry professionals, get hands-on with cutting-edge innovations

Danny Austin, our Technology Director, had a great time. This wasn’t just a day out of the office to play with new tech, Danny is key to keeping Ride Shotgun in tip top condition when it comes to our infrastructure, production and technology based services. 

Now over to Danny for a quick rundown of what he saw (and what he had a tinker with!).

The  DEVELOP3D LIVE conference was a great experience and I came away with new areas of focus that I will be keeping a close eye on for future developments. 

I had the pleasure of connecting with industry leaders in 3D scanning, VR/XR systems, and our friends over at SCAN.

Throughout the event, I soaked up a treasure trove of knowledge and groundbreaking ideas that are shaping the technology industry’s landscape.


One of the standout sessions for me was when we had the pleasure of hearing Marcus Pont, the CEO of Domin, an innovative tech and engineering company that is pioneering the future of hydraulics. His thought-provoking talk, titled  ‘Future Fabrication: Transforming Hydraulic Motion Control’ gave me pause for thought.

Marcus challenges us to rethink how we approach our current design and innovation challenges.

While this may not directly align with our work at Ride Shotgun, something he said resonated deeply. Marcus challenges us to rethink how we approach our current design and innovation challenges. His message offers a fresh perspective that can breathe new life across all sectors.

For more information on the presentaion, check out DEVELOP3D LIVE’s blog

Best Bits

The event was a fantastic gathering of like-minded professionals, clients, and suppliers from across the globe, creating a vibrant environment for collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

And guess what? I even had the chance to slip into a super cool XR headset, which is a game-changer for all sorts of applications that our clients would absolutely love.

The conference was a hub of innovation and fantastic networking opportunities. I had the chance to explore the latest technological advancements, witness live demonstrations, and soak up insights into emerging technology trends.”

Stay tuned for some exciting developments in our tech solutions! At the core of our business, we are committed to ongoing technology investment. We harness the power of cutting-edge software and hardware to enhance the quality of our content.

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