BRAND BITES: Where Marketing Meets Creativity

Posted by: Jess Chambers - 06.11.23

It is with immense excitement that we introduce ‘BRAND BITES: Where Marketing Meets Creativity’ to our Ride Shotgun followers and clients. Created by the Creative Content Works team, now part of the Ride Shotgun Group, this podcast is a series of engaging interviews with prominent figures in the industry, offering insights, valuable lessons, and innovative perspectives from both business experts and creative minds. The team talks about everything from brand strategy to colour trends, the creative process and content production.

In case you missed the news, back in August 2023 we brought tech-savvy CGI agency, Creative Content Works (CCW). Bringing CCW into the Ride Shotgun fold has not only increased our CGI and technology solutions, but has meant we can work directly with their talented creative and marketing teams. 

Together we’ve combined our strengths to solidify our position as one of the largest independent strategic content production agencies in the UK. This partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering seamless, end-to-end brand journeys, now with a team of over 160 experts at every stage. In short, we’re confident it’s a game-changer!

For more information on the acquisition, check out what Mark Mallinder, CEO at Ride Shotgun has to say.


‘BRAND BITES: Where Marketing Meets Creativity’ is the number one resource for Retailers and Brand Marketing Managers brought to you by the team behind Creative Content Works (part of the Ride Shotgun Group).

Gain BTS insights, ideas, and best-practice from other business leaders to help you create more profitable, sustainable and dynamic marketing content for your brand. We’ll share our experience working with some of the leading names in retail including Magnet, Dulux, JD Sport and Dreams.

What’s on offer?

1. Magnet: Beyond the Logo – Why Emotional Storytelling is Key

With Charis Hawkins, Head of Brand Marketing & Communications at Magnet

In this bite-sized, 25-minute podcast, Charis Hawkins, Head of Brand Marketing & Communications at Magnet, delves into:

  • The Secret to Building a Strong Brand Identity
  • Why Emotional Storytelling is Key
  • Navigating Marketing Metrics and the 60:40 Rule
  • Balancing Creativity and ROI in Marketing
  • Generative AI: Love it or Loathe it?
  • Career Tips for Fellow Marketing Professionals

Pressed for time?

Prefer reading rather than watching? No problem! Here’s a transcript of episode 1 allowing you to take it in, at your own pace.

2. The Influence of Colour Psychology in the Home, Branding and Advertising

With Colour Expert and Creative Director at Dulux, Marianne Shillingford

Join us as we unravel the intriguing connection between colour and human psychology, exploring how it influences perceptions of the home and how brands can use it to craft trend-setting, distinctive, and up-to-date product ranges, marketing, and advertising.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Marianne’s take on colour psychology
  • Dulux’s Latest Colour Trends for 2024
  • The emotional impact of different colour palettes in the home, branding and advertising
  • The secrets to selecting the perfect hues for your home

Short on time?

Prefer reading over watching? No problem! Here’s a transcript of episode 2 allowing you to take it and make notes at your own pace.

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