How to Create the Perfect Food and Drink Shoot

Posted by: John Wheeldon - 03.01.23


They say it’s the little things that make a difference. And this is never more true than when it comes to marketing.

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There’s much more to it than marmite-stained chicken skin, mashed potato ice cream or salt bombs to create the perfect G&T fizz. Behind every great food or drink shoot there’s a team of specialists, working hard to make your products look their very best in front of camera, and produce knockout, droolworthy content.


The perfect preparation

From nutritionists and home economists developing healthy serving suggestions that won’t break the bank, to mixologists refining by millimeters the next Sbagliato-esq cocktail sensation, the team behind the camera bring the creativity and insight to make your content work harder. 

They’re the people who put in the research, development time and infinite patience in the prep work to ensure your products look their absolute best on camera. All the time ensuring it’s creatively led and aligned to the latest trends.



  • Food styling is becoming more realistic and relatable – Food isn’t always perfect and that’s totally okay. With more influencers and at-home chefs documenting their food and drink experiences and experiments, content from brands can play into this trend by adopting a more accessible, approachable feel.
  • Food miles & seasonality – Encourage and educate your audience to bring them along on the sustainability journey to help reduce carbon emissions globally (after all, we’re all in this together).
  • Keep content short and snappy for younger audiences – Where you’re taking a more social-first approach, it’s more about the fun of getting involved than perfect compositions.
  • Think sustainable, economical cooking methods – In recipe development, be mindful that slow cookers and air fryers give you more bang for your buck, and batch cooking can save both time and energy.

What you can do

If you’re looking to perfect your next food or drinks shoot, why not consider these steps to enhance the brief, the creative or the execution?


The Detox Kitchen

The rise and rise of functional food and drink. More people are looking for products with health benefits beyond their nutritional value. Meals that include ingredients to help with focus and mood, or boost productivity, will tap into ongoing interest in both physical and mental health. Through their meal plans and recipe books The Detox Kitchen combines the two with functional ingredients and general health and wellbeing advice.

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Asda’s Cost of Living Support

With the heavy impact of rising energy prices and general cost of living, big brands have a role to play in supporting customers get through tough times. Asda plans to invest over £73 million in 2022 to help tackle the cost of living crisis, dropping prices on household products, launching their new essentials range, and serving up recipe advice for the most energy efficient cooking techniques – like microwaves and airfryers over the traditional oven and hob cooking methods. 

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World Class x Diageo

53% of consumers stating they like it when brands give them ideas and education about how to best use their products – it’s a win-win. World Class do just that as the leading voice in cocktail culture. World Class celebrates all things mixology and, combined with highlighting Diageo’s spirits portfolio, provides help, advice, inspiration and recipes to bring their audience along for the ride.

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