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Posted by: Jess Chambers - 17.04.23

At Ride Shotgun we constantly keep new consumer behaviour in our side mirror. Producing fresh and fearless strategy, creative and content that’s relevant to our target market. And we want you along for the ride.

For our 2023 Interior Trend Report we’ve gathered industry insight and tapped into our stylists’ expertise to bring you the latest looks for 2023 and 2024.

Here’s a sneek peek…

Confident colour

On first look, there appears to be conflicting thoughts around the colours we’re sure to love in 2023 and beyond.

Some predictions suggest we’ll gravitate towards calming neutrals, such as Dulux colour of the year Wild Wonder. Then there are those who believe bright and bold colours will make their way into our homes, like Pantone’s Viva Magenta and Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush…

Jewel tones are also set to make an impact, with aubergine providing an alternative to the more polarising reds…

A piece of the past

Consumers are looking inside to their existing homeware to reduce costs and their footprint.

The drive for upcycling is a powerful way to create unique pieces in the home, which remains an important place to express identity and taste. We can see this expression of uniqueness in homeowners embracing mismatched furniture, with a focus on old meets new.

Mythical magnetism

As we face challenges in the outside world, beyond our control, many of us are looking to create a fantasy land of escapism indoors.

Hellenistic design is heavily influenced by Ancient Greece, evoking mythical representations, Greco-Roman art and sculpture.

We’re seeing this characterised in peoples home with grand elements such as columns, ornate trims, wallpaper, busts and mythical decor…


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