A SWIFT lesson in communicating global change

SWIFT helps to keep money flowing, global supply chains moving and the world’s economies turning.

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SWIFT helps to keep money flowing, global supply chains moving and the world’s economies turning. Their infrastructure empowers instant, frictionless, simple and secure transactions  around the world.

The wider payments industry had used the same guidelines for cross-border payments and reporting had been used since the 1980s, but that was all about to change. The launch of a new unified standard, ISO 20022 Cross Border Payment Reporting Plus (CBPR+), was about to bring significant benefits and competitive advantages to the industry. 



Ahead of the global industry-wide migration to the new CBPR+ standard, Swift needed a campaign to communicate to financial institutions the importance and value of adopting the new guidelines as early as possible.

Our campaign needed to cover multiple messages including:

  • The potential competitive advantage to be gained by adopting ISO 20022 for payments sooner rather than later, including easier access to more customer info and insight
  • How the rich data ISO 20022 enables can benefit the industry as a whole
  • Remind customers that Swift is by their side throughout their adoption journey



Our strategy team got to work distilling the complex benefits of the new CBPR+ standard into a relevant, interesting and motivating proposition. Once landed, our creative team crafted killer copylines for each of the key benefits. These were then adapted for a range of banners and social ads including static, animation and carousel.

This campaign was a vital step in the evolution to cross-border payments, and marks one of the first instances of applying SWIFT’s updated brand guidelines. Part of this includes using attention-grabbing animation and illustration styles to communicate simply and effectively.

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