Dreams Deliver 60% More Content, For Less

Uncover the game-changing move that fueled Dreams to create a whopping 60% more content at significantly lower costs

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About Dreams

Since 1985, Dreams have been cherished as one of the UK’s most-loved bed retailers – backed by Tempur Sealy and led by CEO Jonathan Hirst. Based at the lively ‘Bedquarters’ in High Wycombe, they’ve got a dynamic team of about 2,300 colleagues nationwide. With 208 physical stores and a thriving online presence, they’re proud to deliver around 14,000 mattresses, bases, and headboards weekly to customers all across the UK. Sweet dreams, anyone?


Dreams sell gorgeous beds and needed aspirational imagery to better reflect the brand as well as inspire and delight consumers. They wanted to introduce CGI and digital image production to allow Dreams to create the same, if not better, quality imagery with flexible, trend-led styling. Not just for today, this move future-proofs Dreams’ content, making it effortlessly adaptable across all marketing channels, online and offline. They can sleep tight know all their content can be reused, reconfigured and amplified across all of Dreams’ marketing channels.


We teamed up with Dreams to embrace CGI as a powerhouse in their content production mix alongside traditional photography. Our team’s expertise has evolved, expanding beyond digital production services. By developing new technologies, we are now able to help clients to reach their desired goals, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. It’s a game-changer, and we’re thrilled to be on the forefront of it.

The Results?

Thanks to the partnership and tech-first approach, Dreams was able to reduce production costs by 20% year-on-year, whilst delivering over 60% more content too! The results were incredible for everyone involved and customers were able to access more visuals than ever before, helping them in their purchase journeys.

Project Highlights

  • Game-changing product imagery – replacing traditional photography with cutting-edge CGI.
  • Unprecedented cost savings of 20% year-on-year -while delivering an astounding 60% increase in content volume for Dreams.
  • Elevating customer experiences – Dreams now provides over 4,000 stunning visuals per year, guiding shoppers through their purchase journeys like never before.

Here’s what they had to say about the Ride Shotgun team:


We produce over 4,000 images per year, and needed a new approach. Logistics to physically shoot are not easy with big beds, transporting from one location to the next, but with Ride Shotgun the solution was significantly more cost efficient. Additionally, it provided agility and the ability to produce multiple looks with ease.

Simon Moore, Director of Marketing & Media at Dreams

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