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Protected: Delivering a more engaging brand for Driver Express

A gear shift for the Driver Express brand - We put this driver recruitment platform’s brand through its paces recalibrating everything from look and feel, to ECRM and SEO with great results.

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About Driver Express

As a nation we rely on parcels being delivered to our door, but who puts people in the driver’s seat? Driver Express makes it quick and easy for delivery drivers across Europe to find their next role.

Their platform leads potential employees from application to trusted partner in 24 hours, across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Handy at times like Black Friday and Christmas where they need to maximise their lead generation.


The only issue is the brand wasn’t keeping pace with their seamless business model. The brand’s look and feel was outdated and not tailored by location. Equally, the website’s functionality was glitchy and unpredictable, not fit to handle the UX and progression of a candidate through the application process. They needed a complete gear shift.


Enter the Ride Shotgun team. Driver Express needed a partner they could trust to get them up to speed on everything from their target audience, to their brand positioning, to which messages to use across each European location. Here’s how we broke it down:

Audience insight and research

  • Through desk research, GWI analysis and an identity audit, we documented key findings tailored to each European country’s cultural differences and preferences (attitudes, behaviours, barriers, application/recruitment process etc).

CVP and messaging development

  • Using this research we then developed the initial customer value proposition, benefit messaging and brand identity.

Focus group testing

  • This baseline messaging and imagery was then localised and tested in each geography through focus groups – recruited and conducted by us.

Informed messaging and visual identity 

  • Once the data from the focus groups was analysed, we developed the final brand identity and strategy.
  • This included full web development and redesign, as well as an SEO strategy, CRM-driven email series and several top of funnel content pieces – all localised for each specific region.


The results speak for themselves, in the first four months after launch:

  • Email open rate +10% over industry benchmark
  • Email click through rate +60% over industry benchmark
  • ECRM delivered over 7,000 sessions with the lowest bounce rate of all channels and 3rd best session length (behind only organic and direct traffic)
  • Delivered over 700 leads via CRM activity
  • Circa. 500,000 site visits during peak months, increasing traffic five fold


Our strategy and creative teams have helped many businesses strengthen their brands, create distinctive brand positioning, and bring this to life with content that connects.

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