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Creating a brand campaign to put Arco’s complete Integrated Safety Products and Services centre stage.

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As part of our longstanding partnership with Arco, we created a customer value proposition (CVP) to make Arco communication more customer-centric, identify and lead with customer benefits, strengthen their brand strategy and create a clear framework for all of their key messages. This included a core brand promise, Your World Made Safer and covered their key differentiators and core capabilities.

With a brand campaign launched for two of the differentiators, it was time to raise awareness of the third: Joined-up Safety Solutions



Joined-up Safety Solutions highlights that Arco are the only health and safety provider in the UK that offer products and solutions. It’s a powerful offering, but one the industry isn’t familiar with; it’s not yet the norm to have just one supplier covering all health and safety needs. 

Arco needed a campaign to bring to life the value and benefits of Arco’s Joined-up Safety Solution approach to customers. They needed a clear proposition, messaging framework and hero asset that clearly explained Joined-up Safety solutions and brought to life how this benefits their customers throughout the UK. They also wanted the new look and feel to be modern, digital and tech-focused.

Although Arco is the nation’s leading Integrated Safety Products and Services they were looking to increase their market share in the south of England, looking to maximise their returns on an investment into a new Bracknell safety centre.

Our brand strategists got to work developing a single minded proposition and proposition statement: Arco look at the bigger picture. This succinct articulation of Arco’s wider offering beyond products created a strong foundation for the campaign to flourish. 


To help our audience understand Joined-up Safety Solutions we needed a hero asset that could clearly articulate how Arco looks at the bigger picture and how it benefits them. Using a digital-first dynamic approach we built a seamless, informative microsite to host a range of messaging and creative.

The opening of a new safety centre in Bracknell, Berkshire provided the ideal opportunity for us to demonstrate that Arco is close to home for customers no matter where they are in the UK. Bracknell perfectly embodies Arco’s Joined-up Safety Solutions – offering training, consultancy, products and safety services all in one place. We wanted to showcase this to its full potential.

We scripted and shot seven presenter-style videos on-site at Bracknell, with each video covering a specific element of Joined-up Safety, including consultancy, training, expertise and more. 

The videos demonstrate how Arco’s Joined-up Safety Solutions leave no room for gaps in their safety management. And, by tailoring the right combination of products and services for any unique safety challenge, Arco can help manage risks to protect their client’s people and businesses.

With all editing finalised, we got to work creating a CGI version of Arco’s safety centre to house all of the videos. Customers exploring the site can get a bird’s eye view of Bracknell and click on different areas to learn more about their products and expertise.

To visually illustrate how Arco look at the bigger picture, offer Joined-up Safety Solutions and what this means for their audience, our creative team developed a range of 3D mosaic-style hero images showing all of the aspects of safety available at the Bracknell Safety centre and beyond. The visuals clearly articulate the broad range of safety offerings Arco offers nationwide.

Now Arco has somewhere that explains how Arco looks at the bigger picture with Joined-up Safety solutions – all complete with slick animation, an interactive CGI building and informative explainer videos.

As a leading integrated safety products and services business there are so many different facets to what Arco offer and it becomes difficult to express and showcase them together comprehensively. This challenge was picked up by Ride Shotgun and summed up as our unique Customer Value Proposition brought to life in an interactive and interesting manner via a dedicated microsite that formed the heart of our campaign to deliver this message. We have run the campaign and it is really hitting the message home.

Roopesh Bhatnagar , Brand Manager

Joined-up brand journeys 

The success of this project took a truly joined-up approach. Our strategy, production, creative, CGI, and digital teams all played their part – led seamlessly by client services – to deliver all aspects of a job that clients may typically have to get delivered by more than one agency.


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