Bringing luxury to life for Dusk

Giving prestige to Dusk’s new luxury sofa range

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We’d already helped Dusk to capture content for their luxury bedding ranges, with great results. So, when it came to launching their brand new range of sofas, they were more than comfy with our team.


The aura the Dusk team wanted to create was that of traditional luxury. It meant sourcing two period locations for the two ranges of 16 products and also working with lifestyle influencer Jess Wright. All with an incredibly tight timeframe to produce web and social assets.


We quickly, but tactically, sourced two luxury locations for a tight two weeks of filming. To give maximum impact to the new range we chose luxury locations with the right period features to bring the ranges to life.

Then, it was all hands on deck with two full teams on-shoot from photographers and stylsits, to art directors and producers. Week one saw us in Sheffield for a four-day stills shoot, then two days shooting video with Jess. The second week started with three days of shooting in Lincolnshire for stills, GIFs and video.


Our efficient and experienced team confidently adhered to the tight campaign plan – all while producing beautiful assets that perfectly matched the brief. We then seamlessly sent the assets to post-production to get them onto the website and social channels. The shots were also featured on large billboards across Manchester and Leeds.

To maximise the new range’s look and feel, Dusk also exhibited at Stylist Live. All the sofas and props our stylist team selected were featured to keep campaign consistency. They got a great reception, with plenty of orders off the back of the event.


The prodigious sofa project was booked with the Ride Shotgun following the success of the bed and bedding collection photography. Dusk’s brand ethos of luxury for less was key to the direction of this studio shoot. Ensuring set design and build showcased the premium, period interior features that Dusk outlined from a creative standpoint.

The shoot consisted of 50 lifestyle shots, effectively covered by two teams working on each set. This enabled maximum shot count to be achieved for Dusk within shorter timings to get the new products online.





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