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Helping My Menopause Centre to create a site to help those going through menopause thrive through life’s second act.

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Despite over half the population going through menopause, there’s still a stigma and lack of information surrounding it. As a result, menopause is something talked about in hushed tones.

The brainchild of friends Dr Clare Spencer and Helen Normoyle, My Menopause Centre is an online menopause clinic that also provides free information to the public.

We provided MMC with strategic insight, design and build of the website, third party integration, an SEO strategy, copy and content writing and asset design.

Expertly written content driven by SEO

We combined keyword, editorial and competitor research to help shape content suggestions for what would become over 100,000 words of expertly written content on menopause – one of the richest sources of free menopause information on the web.

The goals of the content were:

  1. Create a solid foundation of editorial content that has wide topical coverage;
  2. Incorporate a rich selection of search terms and synonyms for search engines to crawl and contextualise;
  3. Provide visitors with comprehensive information and advice across the full menopause journey, from Awareness (research and discovery) to Evaluation (comparing options and next steps) to Conversion (booking a consultation; buying a product).

It takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge to create and maintain a thriving content hub. That’s why half of companies outsource at least one content marketing activity, with 84% of those saying they need support with content creation

We found that a surprisingly large proportion of search volume was dedicated to fundamental terms and questions, e.g. ‘what is menopause’, ‘how long does menopause last’. This suggests that there is a widespread lack of knowledge on the basics of menopause. Easily the most common search phrases relate to menopause symptoms – so we made sure we focused our content efforts on addressing these fundamentals.

This strategy then informed planning of all the content on the site, which was based on information provided by Dr Clare Spencer to make sure all the information on the site was medically reviewed.

Our team then worked to bring the brand’s tone of voice to life, optimise the content for SEO, and create custom illustrations to help guide the reader through the content.

Information at your fingertips

In tandem with the content creation, our digital team built a site to present all this information to users in a logical and accessible way.

Abbas Arezoo, our Digital Lead, talks about the build, third party integration and the CMS:

The project brought together the two key challenges of developing a content-driven platform: create something users can easily consume and that content editors can easily manage, all while building and manipulating APIs to create a system that transfers content and data between multiple external platforms.

Turning questions into conversions

A central component of the site is a free Menopause Questionnaire which helps the user discover where they are in their journey, what symptoms they have and how they can be treated.

The questionnaire uses the Greene Climacteric Scale (a recognised tool to identify menopause) as its base and asks questions to define specific symptoms and lifestyle factors. It helps women understand where they are in their journey and gives them a benchmark for the future.

Once finished, the user is presented with a unique email that lists all their specific symptoms and signposts places to get more support and information.

The Menopause Questionnaire will be a key tool to convert users into customers by encouraging them to seek help from the clinic or use the shop which is being developed in phase two of the build.

The questionnaire will also help My Menopause Centre gather data to provide experts with more information – in turn providing better care, information and advice to future generations.

Driving traffic to the site

We worked with My Menopause Centre to develop an inbound marketing strategy that will enable them to meet their objectives around customer experience and company growth.

Chloe Lowe, our Client Strategy Director, explains:

Using HubSpot as our marketing automation platform, we can provide a highly personalised customer experience for anyone who signs up to pause. – their online community – or the menopause clinic. From automated email marketing to customer satisfaction surveys, a positive and helpful customer experience is of the utmost importance to My Menopause Centre in its mission to help others through the menopause transition.

Demystifying menopause, now and in the future

A site like this doesn’t come along every day. My Menopause Centre has created a platform that brings people together and gives them the knowledge they need to thrive. Now our attention turns to phase two.