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Optimising nearly 200 products for omnichannel content.

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Modex Case Study


Modex launched a full rebrand in 2020 of approximately 180 products. 70% of the 3D models were supplied by several of the client’s manufacturers at varying levels of quality.

We were tasked to optimize and amend each of the files to an optimium standard.

With an extensive new product range in manufacture, our client also required multi-channel content ranging from cut-out images, packaging, and lifestyle videos for social media.


Lifestyle render of portable radiator
portable grill in kitchen with food. CGI render
small kitchen appliance . CGI render of blender
CGI render epilator with talent


We created various environments and scenarios to bring the products to life including interiors and adding features and benefits to them. We crafted videos, stills, animations and beautiful content that could be used across all channels.

  • Product cut out at multiple angles 
  • 360-degree video
  • Packaging
  • Lifestyle
  • Animation
  • Augmented Reality  

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