Serious Pig

Supermarket domination on a snack-sized budget

Serious Pig needed to significantly and quickly raise their profile in supermarkets without the marketing resources of a global snack brand.

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About Serious Pig

From a pub idea to real food revolution: Serious Pig—delicious, satisfying, and better than any pub snack.



We first worked with premium snack brand Serious Pig in the summer of 2020. Founder, George Rice, approached us with a very specific ask. They needed to significantly raise their profile in supermarkets quickly and without the marketing resources of a global snack brand. This is the sort of challenge we love.



We very quickly came up with the idea of CrunchTime where users have to decide what the snacks go best with, whether they should share them, eat them inside or outside. All serious questions!

This idea was quickly made into a series of films for instagram that performed brilliantly. So much so that the team at Serious Pig asked us to think about a bigger brand awareness campaign. Enter stage right, Joe Wilkinson. Our idea was to cast the 8 Out Of 10 Cats and After Life comedian as a reluctant brand ambassador.



Our brand film soared to new heights on Facebook and Instagram, earning top marks from the algorithm for its message clarity, design, and viewing stats compared to previous benchmark stats. This led to unprecedented promotion and shares, resulting in a significant boost in product sales.

Our in-house hybrid (creative and production) model, combining top creative talent with production expertise, allowed us to create these films seamlessly, with no middlemen or delays. By adopting this approach, we achieved remarkable time and cost savings compared to traditional ad agency.

Project Highlights?

  • Brand Transformation: Our creative elevated their profile, propelling a challenger brand to new heights.
  • Rapid Content Production: From concept to edit, we delivered exceptional results in under four weeks.
  • Viral Reach: With a minimal budget, we surpassed expectations gaining brand exposure for over 1 million users.
  • Facebook Reach: Achieved Facebook’s highest effectiveness standards, with a cost of just 58p to reach 1,000 users.
  • Ongoing Success:“Snack Seriously with Joe,” has thrived, marking its second set of ads and cementing its position as a marketing triumph.


Ride Shotgun

We don’t believe this project is all about saving costs. We believe a smarter, more experienced team produces better work. Our on-set team of four did everything from start to finish, letting Joe Wilkinson feel comfortable on set to work his magic.

We are Ride Shotgun, a gutsy and agile agency that spans the tier one agency gap, delivering creativity and speed without compromise.


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