Transforming travel with Sita

Launching a versatile campaign for the air industry giant.

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Sita has been in the air industry for over 70 years. Well known for their communication and IT infrastructure technology for airports and airlines.

You’ve probably even used some of their tech, for example at baggage drop and mobile ticket scanning. They also provide plenty you may not have from biometric IDs to providing real-time data to cockpits.



Moving into other forms of transportation, from train and bus to cruises and events, they needed our help. They wanted a fresh new campaign that highlighted the seamless nature of their digital travel offering. And brought together their travel solutions under one roof.

The concept had to overarch all digital travel messages and products across all comms. This could be on-site, on ads, printed collateral, brochures or at events – namely the Passenger Terminal Expo Amsterdam ‘23. A hugely respected and historical travel industry event that all their key competitors would attend.

Quickly identifying that everyone in the industry used similar stock images and language, we also knew this campaign had to have stand-out messaging and original imagery.



Our creative team got to work and came up with a great, versatile value proposition: Travel Transformed. This brought to life the industry-leading products and technology Sita is now rolling out across the travel industry. It was teamed with images of professionals floating that provoked a sense of calm, frictionless travel.

They then worked with our in-house production team in one of our Leeds studios to shoot a rights-free bank of assets with models. These assets worked for the immediate campaign and event, but were also versatile enough to be used for future campaigns. This bolsters brand consistency, boosts asset efficiency and saves the client time – as they needed a two day shoot plus retouch. And as it wasn’t stock, they gave the brand instant stand-out against competitors. We had a lot of fun on the day with a full agency team, check out the BTS shots.

We loved the work so much we had to take the trip over to Amsterdam and experience the expo for ourselves. We were proud seeing the work with brand new look and feel at PTE Amsterdam.

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