Our regime for stunning health and beauty content

Posted by: Fiona Barber - 03.08.23

Choosing a quality production partner can make all the difference in making your health and beauty brand content stand out in a crowded market. But, with so many production partners out there, how do you pick the right one?

Our regime for creating killer health and beauty photography and video has been crafted and honed to perfection over countless shoots and edits. From working with Boots to Charles Worthington, Dove, Fudge, Sanctuary Spa, St Tropez and more, our team have the experience and expertise to make your content shine.

Read on for our foolproof approach to crafting stunning health and beauty content.


Prepping and priming

Every good beauty regime begins with a quality base to work from, and the same approach should apply to creating content. Our strategy team gets to truly understand your brand and its goals, delving deep into what makes it unique and uncovering valuable insights and trends. This helps them set the perfect foundation for your content strategy in a saturated market.


Facilities to contour your creative

Our 30,000-square-foot UK-based production facilities have the space and resources to build your project. With a fully equipped workshop and a substantial props library, our stylists, art directors, and wider production team make sure that every detail is taken care of. Whether you need a photo or video shoot, our specialist photo/video cove and Chroma green facilities provide the perfect backdrop.

Make it glow

We have in-house production experts to shine a creative light on every project. They work closely with talented photographers, art directors, and stylists who bring years of expertise and creative vision to the table. Whether it’s visualising ideas or adding that extra touch of creativity, we’re perfectionists at every stage. We even have a model prep area and client break out areas to make our clients feel right at home when they join us on set.


Blemishes be gone

As part of the post-production and video editing process we make your final product picture-perfect. Every image goes through retouch, but the process varies depending on what the desired final look is. Some clients prefer a natural look where very little is changed, for example, stray hairs may be removed but other elements such as body shape, skin blemishes and tattoos will be left untouched. Others prefer a full retouch process which can include a flawless skin complexion, altering body shape and removing tattoos and more to create the desired effect for the final image. Whatever your preference, our in-house retouching team creates beautiful content ready for the spotlight.

Launch with complete coverage 

From social cuts to behind-the-scenes footage and blooper reels, we squeeze every last drop out of the assets to show your brand’s personality and maximise reach – all complete with the all-important finishing touches, including graphics and impactful call-to-action messaging. This increases brand awareness and creates an instant visual appeal that grabs attention.


Ready to get started? 

Ride Shotgun is your go-to partner for delivering quality content at lightning speed. We’re here to challenge your expectations, target your specific goals, and ensure your brand always looks its best.

Our joined-up approach to creating content includes specialists at every step in strategy, creative, and production – so you can trust that your next health and beauty campaign will shine like never before.

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